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Day 2

Welcome back!Day 2

Since the games will be starting soon we have to hurry in our predictions and assessments.

Group E:

Clear favorite in the Bavarian giants, for many one of the candidates for the final victory but not for me. Easy top of the group and probably up to Q finals but anything more then that would be a surprise. Benfica should take the other spot in the CL second round with the Amsterdam outfit taking the Europa League. The Athens side will surely get some points on home soil but it won’t be enough for Spring in international competitions.

Ajax vs AEK Athens

Almost perfect start to domestic campaign and a single goal conceded should prove more then enough for starting European adventure with 3 points. Both teams qualified in dramatic circumstances but the Greeks look like everything from now on is a bonus.

Benfica vs Bayern Munich

The Portuguese side has its strengths but Bayern coach Kova─Ź is determined to open his CL account with a win and also to send a clear message that they’re in contention also. Hard fought but a win for the serial German champion nevertheless.

Group F:

Everything’s possible in this group except Man City not winning it. Head and shoulders above others, and not only here, the rest of clubs will fight it till the end for progression. Hoffenheim’s lack of international experience could cost them dearly and despite last year’s heroics the Ukrainian side is just short compered to Lyon.

Shakhtar Doneck vs Hoffenheim

Very balanced and could go either way but experience should help Ukrainians in snatching it.

Manchester City vs Lyon

Straightforward City victory expected as in majority of the games they play.

Group G:

Final standings looks clear with Victoria Plzen the outsider even if far from without a chance. CSKA will prove hard to knack but in the end more than EL proceedings would be very surprising. Both Real and Roma lost hugely influential players over the summer, even all time great in the case of Spanish giants however still the team to beat in Europe. Roma sold one of the best goalkeepers in the world but will gain variety with the departure of Nainggolan.

Real Madrid vs Roma

Both coming from disappointing weekend results but quality heavily swings the Spanish side. Roma already caused upset in Madrid but it was a lifetime ago and won’t be repeated anytime soon.

Victoria Plzen vs CSKA Moscow

The Czechs will be very hard to beat in home court but the Russians should have enough to get at least a point although don’t think they believe is enough.

Group H:

Another tricky situation but at the end the expected should happen. Valencia has the ability to provide more than challenge to anybody. Juventus should top the seeding taking advantage on fragile “peace” among the Manchester United stars, the manager and the people upstairs. But will they risk progression to second round? Mourinho is capable of that but the board won’t allow it. Swiss Cinderella barely made it past CL traditional foes, Dinamo Zagreb, they are already in dreamland and there is no rough awakening for them.

Valencia vs Juventus

Being used to winning is crucial and the Italian champions are very well used to winning and getting the result, at least in Autumn.

Young Boys vs Manchester United

Manchester United is picking up the rhythm but have already been burned is the Confederation Helvetica. This time they won’t let it happen as a bad result at the beginning of the campaign has the potential to ruin the whole season.

Another night of emotion and potential shocks. Ready?

Prepare some snacks to save your nails, tonight a lot of tight games are expected!

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