Welcome to my BLOG 

The point of my writing is to give you my view on ongoing matters in the football world and to give you the chance to express your thoughts with comments.  


Hi, my name is Dejan and like you I’m a football enthusiast. As it’s often said “I live, eat and sleep football”. While having my first morning coffee I surf the sites dedicated to football, during lunch time and coffee breaks at work I discuss football with my colleagues.There are no topics we don’t go over; players, coaches, tactics, match situations, team selection, market, rights and wrongs,…In the evening, of course, TV and actual games – the confirmation of the talk in the afternoon. The half time breaks, of course, are dedicated to my family.

Sounds familiar?

If so then you’re at the right place to discuss the game.

Naturally not everybody in the house is willing to watch the games but that’s why God invented the internet and live stream.I used to play football till 18 and dreamed of becoming pro but it was not meant to be. I continue to play as an amateur. I’m convinced amateur footballers are the craziest kind! Summer hot, winter freeze, rain, snow, wind, work absence, injuries… There are no weather or other condition’s preventing you from going to play your game for which not only you’re not paid for but you even spend your own money to be there. Does it get any crazier then that?!    

Being such a fan “destiny” wanted me to make my home some 200 meters from local lower league club and it’s stadium, if it can be called as such. And since “destiny” has great sense of humor I got 2 wonderful daughters. They’re great, smart, luckily in good health and everything you can wish in a child…however they won’t be footballers.

I started the blog after my wife told me that since I can’t discuss football at home whit the girls that I should remember that in 21st century you can talk about anything you want with anybody in the world. Well, occasionally she’s not entirely wrong and so it’s here.

Even an enthusiast like myself in such flood of games I choose quality. I’m following Serie A for 25 years, from the highest peaks in the 1990’s to today’s come back. The Primera and the Premier league are other two national leagues I follow closely since roughly 2000. French and German league are not that competitive or interesting, at least to me, so I just go over the results of bigger clubs and look for surprises. Perhaps I’m wrong but I just can’t force myself to watch a Bundesliga game when there’s a fixture in one of the favourite 3 championships. You might argue that Italian league has also become fight from second place on but what a fight it is!

Before we continue you need to know the basics of my football understanding.

How the game should be played:

Defensive stability is the cornerstone for success

Attackers also have to defend and defenders have to attack

Result over beauty

High pressing, attacking football

Closing the opponent down and not allowing them to play

Long shot whenever possible


Favourite clubs; Crvena Zvezda (Red Star Belgrade), AC Milan, Real Madrid and Manchester United.

Favorite players; Dejan Savičević, Maldini, Baggio, Nesta, Pirlo, Shevchenko, Kaka, both Ronaldo’s, Ronaldinho, Raul, Redondo, Giggs,…just to name some so we don’t get to long but I think you got the point.

Favorite coaches/managers;

Capello (being called to Madrid twice and delivering domestic title both times 10 years apart, beside all other trophies)

Ancelotti (masochistic due to club owners he chooses to work for but always winning titles)

Sir Alex (no additional explanation needed, I guess)

Guardiola (when his teams are without the ball, less when they have it)


Hope you’ll enjoy the reading and let me have your feedback, questions or, why not, praise.

Dejan's football review