Back with Premier League

Back with Premier League

Great to see you back on the site!

Firstly I need to apologize for late follow up writing as force major meaning business trip prevented me from updating you to the actions going on around Europe.

As we have a lot catching up to do lets start immediately! 

It breaks my heart to ask but is anybody surprised of the Manchester United’s results in the last week? For all those who’s answer is yes I have to ask; REALLY???? I’ve been criticizing their performances since the beginning and also pointing out that it’s down to internal relationships. The midweek cup fiasco followed up by another pale showing at the London stadium must set on all the alarms in the house. The biggest problem is that Mourinho continues to find all kind of excuses. It’s a problem not a surprise, this must be stressed. He has been doing the same for years and at every club he’s been at, except Inter, when things don’t go his way and you’d expect a very intelligent person like him learn from his own mistakes by now and taking appropriate actions. Even if there is some truth in his lamentations privately he must ask himself and his staff one question; how hard was Fabianski’s afternoon? Well, what did you count? Beside the exquisite Rashford goal only one intervention worth of note, goal-line reflex save on a Fellaini’s header. And that’s it! Everything else was more or less routine and probably the Polish goalie was as surprised as all United’s fans about the lack of serious work he had. United’s 10 points till now are enough for the 10th place in the table and now they need a binocular just to see the back of the noisy neighbors, as Sir Alex once labelled the blues from the wrong side of Manchester. I sincerely hope his family is wearing protective helmets as there must be a lot of boots flying around the house lately… and by lately I mean basically since his managerial retirement because Europa League isn’t the European Cup that they aspire to winning.

I have to mention also West Ham’s coach Pellegrini and his delight being most likely even bigger than everybody around him as not only his team picked up important points against arc-rivals perhaps not taken into account before the season but also getting a poke in Mourinho’s eye (hope you get this one) for the Portuguese’s comments from some years ago when mocking the Argentine’s decision to take over Malaga after Real Madrid thanked him for his services. Football life surely gives you opportunities you don’t expect…


Game of the round gave Liverpool had the chance to revenge the cup upset Chelsea caused in midweek. At Stamford Bridge the game was quite even and could go any way at any time. Surely the Reds are missing Salah’s contribution in the scoring charts he had last season but have resuscitated a sleeping talent who’s keeping them afloat this year. At the end Sturridge’s beautiful strike at the death will please the Northerners more just for the timing.

For all those who speak Italian in the Chelsea locker room the after-match must of been quite intense as I’m sure Sarri’s English vocabulary doesn’t include all the things he had on his mind for the way the equalizer was conceded – the English striker himself looked surprised by the time and space afforded to him.

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The distance was notable and he had a lot of work to do but also nearly ideal conditions to make it happen since nobody among the Londoners took the effort to close him down. With Chelsea’s defence heavily outnumbering the opposition and with an important 3 points in the pocket just before the final whistle this situation should be taken more seriously and solved without to much problems. In the end it’s 1 point Chelsea, 1 point Liverpool and 1 point Manchester City who jumps back on top due to better goal difference. And Chelsea failing to do so.

Elsewhere on the Island no surprises as club from the top took the points from the clubs from the bottom except for Arsenal who had a slightly tougher task and rode their luck to snatch a late victory also courtesy of an unfortunate own goal from Watford.

Manchester City, Tottenham, Leicester City and Wolverhampton routinely took home the spoils without even conceding.

Final mention goes to Everton vs Fulham clash which ended with the home side claiming an emphatic win. I’m still expecting the London side to gain salvation without final day possible heart-attacks but surely manager Jokanović will be very concerned with the easy afternoon Pickford’s had with a total of 0 attempts in the goal frame.


Update from Spain and Italy will follow soon but until then the football sensation in this weekend’s round in Europe; Bayern Munich losing in the German capital against Hertha!!! even if Hertha is currently 3rd in the standings trailing the Bavarians by a single point now, every Bayern’s defeat in domestic competition is a result that surprises everybody and points the opposition didn’t include in their preseason calculations. And remaining in Germany the other 2 arguably most recognizable teams played out an entertaining match full of tempo and chances which ended with the Dortmund giants coming from behind and taking home points from Leverkusen to keep at least initial pressure on the serial champions and taking advantage from the surprise in Berlin.

So, this is it for now and see you very soon for review of other significant things that happened the last few days in European football.